Fridge Deodorizer (2-Pack) With 2 Extra Refillers – Fridge and Freezer Odor Eliminator – Outperforms Baking Soda – Rechargeable Refrigerator Deodorizer – Natural Fridge Odor Absorber (With Refills for Replacement)


✅【ELIMINATES ODORS】 This Black 2+2 Activated Bamboo Charcoal fridge deodorizer, with its porous texture, absorbs odors into its tiny holes. It works perfectly as a fridge deodorizer as it is neutral itself without any scents. It eliminates odors but not masking or hiding smells. odor eliminator for refrigerator. It absorbs smells effectively, especially for small enclosed spaces.
💗【CONVENIENT REFILLS PACK】Different from the other fridge deodorizers, which has no refills for replacement for future use. Once you used up it, you have to throw them and it is a waste, the refrigerator deodorizer Black 2+2 pack, with 2 extra refills which are airtight sealed, you can open them any time for replacement after you used up the 2 activated charcoal bags.
👍【OUTPERFORMS BAKING SODA FOR FRIDGE AND FREEZER】Unlike the baking soda for fridge and freezer which eliminate odors by chemical neutralization reaction and left some incomplete reaction residue. The Black2+2 refrigerator deodorizer absorbs odors physically without any risks to food or health. And, Black2+2 fridge odor eliminator last longer than baking soda for fridge and freezer. The baking soda normally works for 6 months while the Black2+2 refrigerator odor eliminator can last for 2 years.


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