Plaque Remover for Teeth, Tartar Remover for Teeth with 5 Adjustable Modes & 2 Replaceable Heads, Electric Teeth Cleaner Kit with Dental Tools & Tongue Cleaner, Dental Calculus Remover with LED Light

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【44kHz High-Efficiency Plaque Remover】This plaque remover for teeth uses high-frequency vibration technology, the vibration frequency is up to 44 kHz, and it reaches 2,600,000 Vibrations/Minute, which can quickly remove dental plaque, calculus, tartar, and stains. Dental plaque remover can reduce the possible damage to teeth caused by manual dental tools and keep teeth and gums healthy. Comes with 1 plaque remover, 1 dental pick, 2 replacement heads, 1 mouth mirror, 1 wrench, 1 tongue scraper.
【100% Safe and Paliness for Gums】Equipped with the latest intelligent protection system, our tartar remover for teeth can automatically stop working when touches the gums, and start working when touches the teeth or hard objects. 100% safe and painless for the gums, this electric teeth cleaning kit also helps to avoid toothache and gum illness and is beginner friendly. (Note: The handle does not vibrate or make a sound while working. When use it on your teeth and you will feel it working.)
【5 Cleaning Modes & 2 Replaceable Heads】The teeth cleaner has 5 cleaning modes, including soft, comfort, standards, strong, and super strong modes, which is suitable for adults, teenagers, the elder, pets, braces, and even the beginners with sensitive teeth. Extra 2 replacement heads to meet different needs, the pointed head helps to clean small stains in the gums, and the flat head helps to clean large tartar on the teeth’ surface. (Note: For beginners, we recommend the soft mode first.)


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