ROYMELO 42 x 84 Inch Glass Sliding Barn Door Slab and 7ft Hardware Kit Included, MDF Wood Panel Covered with Water-Proof Scratch-Resistant PVC Surface, Easy to Clean, Simple DIY Assembly


UNIQUE DESIGN: The door is made of MDF wood board and tempered glass, with fine texture and stable structure. It is anti-warping, strong and durable. It can be applied to a variety of scenarios, such as kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, pantry, wardrobes and so on.
TEMPERED GLASS: It has high security. When subjected to a strong impact, it can quickly show obtuse-angle particles, thereby protecting personal safety to a large extent. The glass is transparent on one side and frosted on the other, with a certain light transmission and privacy.
PVC SURFACE: High-quality PVC material has the advantages of waterproof, scratch-resistant, easy to clean and so on. The surface of the door panel is smooth and beautiful, and the protection of door panel surface is strengthened, especially suitable for families with pets.

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